Three teenage girls are now under arrest after nearly killing a Buffalo Wild Wings employee while attempting to run out on their bill.

Dash cam footage has gone viral on every possible social media platform of the terrifying moment in Willoughby, Ohio last Sunday.  A 16-year-old and her two 17-year-old friends order a bunch of food to go and allegedly bolted for the door without paying for it according to News 5 Cleveland,

Police Det. Lt. John Begovic said the manager was trying to get the license plate number but one of the teenagers ripped the temporary tag from the window.

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One of the Buffalo Wild Wing's employees, Kayla Sherman, saw her manager run out of the restaurant and shout at the teens so she jumped into action.  Sherman stood in front of the car thinking the teens would not flee.  The 16-year-old driver allegedly hit the employee with her BMW and then drove off with her on the hood of the car.  Somehow, the behavior of the teens reportedly gets even worse from that point on.

With police chasing the car, the teens reached speeds as fast as 60 MPH while Sherman hung on to the roof and hood of the car. The teens then reportedly opened the sunroof and began tossing things at her in an attempt to knock her off of the car.

Sherman told police that the teens laughed as they told her they were heading toward the highway knowing that it would be very difficult to hang on at those speeds.  Luckily, Kayla Sherman was able to jump off the car when the teen took a turn down a side road.

The suspects then got their car stuck in a snow mound while trying to get away from law enforcement.  The teens would have only faced petty theft charges had they not hit a person, run from the police and attempted to harm a person by knocking her off of their car at high speeds. Now, they are facing felony charges.

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