A county cop in Ohio just became the Sheriff of Creeptown.

Let me start by saying, I do not mean to make light of the abuse of power taking place in this story.  Women have it rough as it is.  But having a County Deputy do this cranks the Ohio creep level up a notch.  Deputy Richard Strong is currently under suspension after going full mack daddy on a mother during a traffic stop at a Family Dollar in Toledo according to Cleveland.com,

Strong said he was only going to issue a warning, but then handed the woman his card with his personal phone number written on it and told her “we oughta hang out some time,” according to reports.

The more I think about this, the more I realize why all of my law enforcement friends are married to nurses. If you're a single cop, you only see people that possibly broke the law, or medical professionals.  However, giving a woman a break on a traffic ticket followed by your personal cell number is a lil creepy don't ya think?



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