We can't control what moments and/or places hold sentimental value but...

Becky and Marvin met in the cereal aisle of Marc's grocery store in Brooklyn, Ohio back in 2013.  It sounds romantic at first.  It wasn't a customer bumping into another customer because they both reached for Cap'n Crunch at the same time according to WKYC.com,

The couple returned to the Marc's store where they met in 2013. The couple says Becky was Marvin's supervisor and was assigned to train him. Marvin soon asked Becky for her phone number and their relationship has now resulted in marriage.

I guess it's still kind of romantic.  But I was really pulling for the Cap'n Crunch moment.  You can see the newlywed couple's wedding photos from inside a grocery store on the Abby Schafer Photography instagram page.

Don't worry, the happy couple were not married in the store.  They tied the knot a couple weeks ago at a Catholic church in Cleveland.

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