Man allegedly drunk on Twisted Tea lived to regret daring Ohio police to tase him.

Boardman, Ohio is a small town just South of Youngstown.  This small Ohio town had a bit of excitement last Sunday.  The police found a 33-year-old man sleeping in his pickup truck.  The man was passed out, behind the while as his stereo blared loudly.  The police allegedly spotted several open containers of Twisted Tea on the truck's console.

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The officers attempted to wake the sleeping man for a while with no success.  They were able to wake him after opening the driver-side door.  The suspect was not happy to be bothered.  The officers reportedly drew their tasers as the suspect was combative when the man challenged law enforcement to tase him according to WYTV,

‘Touch me with that f****** taser, I dare you.' Then, (the suspect) attempted to reach into his console and an officer deployed his stun gun, but it did not have any effect on (the suspect.)  Officers deployed the stun gun a second time and that didn’t have an effect either.

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Drunk Man Dares Ohio Cops To Tase Him, So They Do

The fight must have gotten intense after that as the suspect was taken to the hospital to treat his injuries before getting booked in the Mahoning County Jail.

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