This clown was arrested after allegedly robbing a Church's Chicken at gun point.

This guy was not clowning around according to the Beacon Journal,

Akron police said a man wearing a white clown mask and holding a handgun held up the Church’s restaurant on South Arlington Street shortly after noon Saturday. Police said the robber pointed a gun at an employee, screamed, “This is not a game! Give me the money!” and then ran off with an undisclosed amount of cash on Pardee Avenue.

51 year-old Alonzo Morton was soon arrested near the scene of the crime.  Why did he come back?  I'm glad you asked.  It seems the clown dropped his car keys during the robbery.  The police found a clown mask, gun and money under what they believe to be the suspect's parked rental car.

Hey man, I get it.  I lose my keys when I go home for lunch sometimes.  I would imagine the whole armed robbery situation can really cloud your memory on where those dang keys went.

Side note: Morton probably won't be in charge of keys for a long time after this incident.


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