A suspicious package exploded with cuteness after bomb squad arrived on the scene.

Thursday, February 18th was a very cold day in New Miami, Ohio.  It was -5° early that morning.  That's not counting the wind chill factor.  That's the morning the Butler County Sherriff's bomb squad was called to a small church.  The bomb squad was responding to a call of a suspicious package under the awning of the main entrance, covered in large icicles.  The Bomb Unit heard purring not ticking according to the Butler County Sheriff's Office on Facebook,

There was a momma cat and her 6 one day old babies in a bag. There was a note left stating "Sprinkles" went into labor yesterday 2/17. Momma and babies are warm, cozy and fed at the Animal Friends Shelter!!


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The officers opened the duffle bag after they X-rayed for explosives.  Inside the bag they found what looks like a cloth cat carrier containing 6 kittens and the momma cat.  There was also a note that read, “Mom’s name is Sprinkles.  She began giving birth at 2 p.m, Wed Feb. 17."

I don't know who needs to hear this, but there is a way to surrender animals that won't put them in danger of freezing to death.  If you find strays or you simply can't take care of a cat and its new litter of new born kittens.  Simply take them to your local animal shelter, SPCA, Humane Society...etc.  I can't speak for Butler County Ohio.  But I can tell you that the SPCA of Southwest Michigan here in Kalamazoo do an amazing job of placing pets in happy homes.  Please don't leave animals out in the cold on the front step of a church....or anywhere.

The Momma and kittens in this story are now in the care of a local animal shelter and are doing well.

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