This video of a young police officer saving this baby's life will move you to tears.

Remember this guy's name, Officer Cameron Maciejewski.  He's a first year officer with the Sterling Heights police department.  Officer Maciejewski arrived on a frantic scene with an entire family running toward his cruiser.  The young law enforcement officer remained calm as his training took over.  The mother of the 3-week-old baby was understandably distraught as her daughter lost consciousness and stopped breathing after drinking milk from her bottle.

Sterling Heights police Chief Dale Dwojakowski had this to say to about Officer Maciejewski after watching the video,

Talk about a heartwarming video.  I’m so proud of my officer. He did just a great job and we’re very proud of him.  When a baby isn’t breathing, it’s stressful enough, but to arrive on scene and have the entire family run up to him -- he knows it’s bad and he’s calming them down while providing medical attention to the infant.

Whether you are a parent or not, you can feel the pain and terror the mother is experiencing in this video below.  Then, there's the amazing moment when the baby cries after the officer flips the baby on to her stomach.

We get a lot of bad news about law enforcement on the news and social media lately.  This is a powerful reminder that we do have many officers right here in Michigan saving lives.

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