Sterling Heights police dash cam showed a man doing the splits to prove that he was not drunk.

I'm sure police have seen it all.  But as a civilian, I can't imagine a guy dropping to the pavement in splits during a DUI traffic stop.  That's not the craziest part of this story.

The suspect, Michael Joseph Axelson, has already been busted for driving drunk 7 other times according to,

Police recently released dashcam video. His rap sheet goes back to 1985 from Michigan to Nevada and back. He's been accused of drunken driving, had a suspended license, drove with a suspended license, more drunken driving convictions, and failure to obey traffic laws.  Reports indicate this is Axelson's eighth drunken driving incident.

That maybe why Axelson was trying to do splits instead of taking the breathalyzer test.  He eventually took the test and was three times the legal limit.

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