Yesterday was the official start to spring, with Oberon Day finally arriving to Bell's Brewery. With all the excitement, one local Kalamazoo band, Full Frontal Cortez, decided to write a song completely dedicated to the excitement of Oberon Day. The song, entitled "Oberon Day", is a mix of funk and rock with wailing guitars. The song was mastered by E at For The Record in Orange County, CA. Listen to it below:

People are starting to officially declare Oberon Day as a local holiday, going even as far as coming up with an Oberon Day excuse generator in order to get out of work for the day. Oberon is also in the Townsquare Media Kalamazoo Ultimate Beer Bracket and is on pace to making it to the Essential Eight. Make sure you head over there and vote for your favorite Michigan Beers to ensure Oberon makes it to the next round.


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