It's that time of the year where all the college basketball teams are gonna go one on one to determine who's the best in America. But what I want to find out is what the best Michigan beer in the state is. We have so many breweries and so many different kind of beers to choose from but I have narrowed it down to the top 16 in the state. It's up to you to decide which beers go and which beers stay. Here are the opening match-ups that will take place in the "Sudsy Sixteen". It's up to you to vote for each match-up to determine who will make it to the "Essential Eight" before we narrow it down to the "Frothy Four."

Beer Madness

Here are the first 8 Michigan beer match-ups of the bracket:
North Peak- Diabolical vs Founders- All Day IPA
Final Gravity- Lil Winky Session Stout vs Jolly Pumpkin- Oro de Calabaza
Shorts- Local's Light vs Latitude 42- Double Chinwig
Griffin Claw- Norm's Raggedy Ass vs Bell's- Hopslam
Atwater- Dirty Blonde vs Old Nation- M-43
Dragonmead- Final Absolution vs Mitten- Triple Crown Brown
Rochester Mills- Milkshake Stout vs Arcadia- Porter Rico
Bell's- Oberon vs Dark Horse- Crooked Tree IPA
Vote for each of the following match-ups BELOW:


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