You don't have to travel the 1,334 miles it takes to get to Stonehenge in Wiltshire, England. The next best thing is located only a few hours away right here in Michigan!

I'm sure we're all wondering the same thing: why?

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Located off I-96 at exit 10 just south of Nunica, Michigan you'll find a near-to-scale replica of the iconic prehistoric monument. Note: although the structure can be viewed from the road it's located behind a fence, so don't go snooping around!

via Google Maps
Nunica Stonehenge via Google Maps

From behind the fence it appears this replica is made of giant slabs of stone, just like the real thing, but you'll be surprised to learn those "stones" are actually giant pieces of Styrofoam and stucco that were reportedly put into place by a contractor who was hired by the owners.

And, If you're worried (like me) that these slabs of Styrofoam are in danger of blowing away during high winds you'll be happy to know the mock-stone is embedded into the ground with metal beams so this replica should be just as sturdy as the real thing!

Does that answer your questions or does it just create new ones?

via Google Maps
Nunica Stonehenge via Google Maps

The original Stonehenge is just as mysterious as the Michigan one. Designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1986, the original Stonehenge is believed to have been constructed during the period of  3000 BC to 2000 BC and used as an ancient burial site.

As to why the Nunica Stonehenge was built-- we may never know! The last records we could find show the property is owned by Fred and Pam Levin who run this local horse farm.

Aerial View
Nunica Stonehenge via Google Maps

Take a look for yourself! Directions to Stonehenge: I-96 exit 10, head south on 112th St. Turn west onto Leonard Rd. Drive a half-mile, Stonehenge is on the north side of road.

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