It's almost something that's unheard of in the service industry, but one Detroit restaurant is stepping up to bat for the people who make their business successful. A new restaurant opening Friday, September 20th in Detroit called, Magnet, located on Grand River Avenue near West Warren Avenue urges costumers not to tip their servers, not out of meanness, but because the owners are offering them a livable wage. Waiters and waitresses will be able to make $38,000 to $50,000 a year, with health benefits and paid vacation.

Magnet is also offering every employee at least $15 an hour. Chef Brad Greenhill, one of the co-owners told WXYZ why this new system should work:"[Normally in restaurants] If it’s busy they make money, if it’s not they don’t. It’s less about the reward and you’ll get more rewards through us as a company. [It] Changes the mentality for people when they don’t have to work for tips. I would’ve liked to have had [this system] for myself." 

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