Kyle Brandt, who works as an NFL Analyst on Good Morning Football, said on the show this week that he believes the Detroit Lions are a top-8 NFL team right now. He goes on to say that they are the third-best team in the NFL's NFC conference.

During the show, Brandt goes on to describe in detail the recent weeks of the Detroit Lions season and why they are such a dangerous team. Explaining how all of their wins and even their last loss shows how good of a team the Lions are.

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He starts by saying the Detroit Lions only sit behind the Eagles and the 49ers in the NFC Conference and would beat the Dallas Cowboys if they played right now. Then he says they are one incredible Josh Allen to Stefon Diggs throw from being 6-0 in their last six games.

Poking the Prejudice Bear

Brandt begins to go on a separate rant but this time it's aimed at football fans, especially Detroit Lions fans. He begins to explain the prejudice that has loomed and continues to loom over the Lions franchise.

He says that many football fans and even Lions fans have some reluctance to accept the Lions' success due to the past. He said seeing the logo and the colors are associated with a lifetime of losing and not a lot of winning.

He did go on to praise coach Dan Campbell though, saying that he's done a tremendous job in turning the Detroit Lions around. Pointing out the team's belief in Campbell, the effort they are playing with, and some statistics to help.

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