As someone who just moved to Kalamazoo within the last two years, I appreciate it when someone asks this kind of question on a public forum:

Hey all, I’m moving to Kzoo this month! I’m super excited and was hoping for some recommendations for everyone’s favorite things there. Favorite restaurants, favorite activities, anything really! It’s my first time moving from my home town and am trying to make it the best experience possible

That was a post made on the Kalamazoo Reddit page by u/Kooky-Bat-9984 just one week ago.

Moving to a new city is hard! You don't know where to go, where to eat, what places offer entertainment, and so on. But, as usual, the community members of Kalamazoo were happy to help, offering their suggestions for dining, activities, and more.  And, even if you've been in the Kalamazoo area for a while, who knows? Maybe you'll catch a brand new suggestion that you've yet to experience. Today, we'll focus on the recommendations for dining out

Just Moved to Kalamazoo? These 6 Eateries are a Must Visit According to Locals

Moving to a new place is hard! If you're in need of recommendations on where to dine out, Kalamazoo locals have your back.

Are there WAY more places that deserve a visit besides the 6 that are listed? Absolutely! You can find even more on the above-mentioned Reddit post.

If you are brand new to town, there are lots of places to explore. For example, this historical site that won't cost you a dime to see in person:

Inside the Kellogg Manor That You Can Tour Free of Charge

The Kellogg Manor, sitting on the highest point on Gull Lake, has been in the area since 1925. Now, it's available for public, self-guided tours at no cost.

Planning a Trip to Kalamazoo's Asylum Lake Preserve? A Few Things to Know...

If you're planning on visiting the WMU-owned Asylum Lake Preserve, this will hopefully help you plan your trip.

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