When new construction begins on a popular road, people love to try and guess what might be coming to town.

The lot on the corner of G Ave and Sprinkle Road in Kalamazoo has been under construction for quite some time. Personally, I thought it would either be new apartments or a bank.

While construction seemed to stall for a moment, it appears to be well underway now which may be why people are inquiring about the space online. On Kalamazoo's Reddit page, the question was asked,

Does anyone know what they are putting in at Sprinkle and G Ave? They have been clearing trees and there is a new entrance poured off of G Ave.

There were a few great guesses like the one from u/Justinynolds who wrote:

Flip a coin - it’s either a credit union or dispensary. Million-dollar idea: combine the two and call it “Green & Green” and let people borrow money to buy weed at 3.99% APY.

That's...not a bad idea. But, it's incorrect.

As it turns out, it's believed that another set of self-storage units will be taking the space. One of the commenters on the original post said that they had taken a peek at the permit board posted outside the construction site. The names J.C. Customs and Michael Fisher were spotted and, after a quick search, their profiles were found on a website called Open Corporates.

Sure enough, it looks like they own a brand of self-storage units. In turn, that makes it seem even more likely that we'll soon be staring at yet another plot filled with storage units. But, with the close proximity to a number of apartment complexes, this is probably a great move from a business standpoint.

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Storage units, among dispensaries and credit unions, seem to be on the "please stop building these" list for most locals. In fact, one of our contributors just called out Kalamazoo for this exact thing. Do you agree with her list?

As far as the new storage units go on G Ave and Sprinkle, there's still a long way to go with construction. This picture was taken yesterday (12/14/21):

TSM/ Chelsea Rose
TSM/ Chelsea Rose

So, if you're in need of storage, I would recommend seeking out one of the other options in the area (of which there are many).

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