Non-drinkers, rejoice! A new non-alcoholic drink is coming to Michigan....eventually.

It seems like every time I turn on the t.v. I see an advertisement for a new type of beer. Whether that's the now endless options for hard seltzers, canned alcoholic drinks that contain vitamins, or just the latest seasonal draft coming to your local bar...they're everywhere. But, what about those that don't drink? Are our only options things like water, soda, or bland tasting non-alcoholic beers?

Not anymore. Especially, if you find yourself enjoying Ol' Mary Jane, that Grass, some Ganga if you will. According to, Michigan may be soon be able to serve THC infused beers. While THC infused drinks are currently not legal in Michigan, Skymint Brands, a marijuana dispensary, is hoping to change that. In an interview with, Joe Neller, the vice president and chief government officer of Skymint Brands, said,

We have a partnership with Short’s Brewing and we have already been in the works with them on making some base beverages. We haven’t infused any of them yet, but they’ve made a whole host of different types of beverages, from lemonade to iced teas, sparkling waters and iced coffees.

With the normalization of marijuana consumption and more and more states both legalizing and decriminalizing the use of marijuana I don't think it's a matter of if but when THC infused drinks will be available. States like Colorado, California and Oregon have already jumped on the trend. However, there are a lot of things to consider before it becomes legal like consistency of THC per drink, shelf life, regulations on how many can be consumed while still being safe to drive and so on. But, if California can figure it out I'm sure Michigan can too.

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