It's always exciting when a movie is being filmed in Michigan, and it's even more exciting to see it all play out on the big screen. Seeing familiar cities and landmarks in a movie makes you feel extra connected to a film. And this new movie is only being screened at Michigan theaters.

That's Funny Movie Filmed Throughout Michigan

That's Funny  follows a middle-aged man named Alex, a former stand-up comedian who believes an appearance on a popular late-night show will save his career. Alex reconnects with friends in Flint and other Michigan cities while he prepares for his upcoming stand-up set. And along the way to his pursuit for comedy success, he ends up learning that the journey is more rewarding than the destination.

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According to Flint Beat, the main character is played by Alex Grossman. Grossman is a Flint native who also created the film and is a stand-up comedian as well.

That's Funny Screened Exclusively at Michigan Theaters

What makes That's Funny even more special, is being able to catch the film on the big screen exclusively here in Michigan at select theaters. And here's where you can catch the film near you:

  • December 7th AT 7:30 PM- Capitol Theater Building- Flint
  • December 9th AT 7 PM- MJR Theatres Troy- Troy
  • December 10th 7:30 PM- The Maple Theater- Bloomfield Hills
  • December 11th AT 7 PM- Celebration Cinema- Grand Rapids
  • December 12th AT 7 PM- GQT Kalamazoo 10- Kalamazoo
  • December 13th AT 7:30 PM- Farmington Civic Theater- Farmington
  • December 14th AT 7 PM- GQT Holland 7- Holland
 That's Funny is also available for streaming on Amazon, Apple TV, Google Play and VUDU.

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