Kalamazoo roads are dramatically better than most cities in the U.S. according to a recent study.

19.6% of all major roads in Kalamazoo are in poor condition.  That sounds bad.  However, it's much lower than the national average of 26.4%.  If you compare all large, medium and small cities around the country in this study from copilotsearch.com, you will find that we have it pretty good in Kalamazoo.

Kalamazoo ranks #164 (the second best ranking city in Michigan) with 19.6% of our roads in poor condition where the #1 city in this study, Concord, California has an astounding 76.1%.  Here's where other nearby cities fell in this ranking.  Remember, #1 represents the city with the worst road conditions...the higher the ranking goes the better the road quality.  The percentage represents the percent of major roads in that city in poor condition.

Muskegon, MI #178 with 17.4%
Grand Rapids, MI #114 with 25.1%
South Bend, IN #113 with 25.2%
Lansing, MI #50 with 35.2%

Detroit has the 5th worst road conditions in the U.S. when the study is broken down to large cities.  A shocking 44.2% of Detroit's major roads were in poor condition.  I guess if you've driving in Detroit recently that's not really very shocking.

You can see the full break down by city by clicking here.

Michigan has the 9th most crappy roads in the nation.  You can get that full story by clicking here.

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