So many of us remember sitting in front of the TV with our own plate of food, watching in awe as Adam Richman would shovel food through his lips and down his throat to what seemed to be an abnormally large stomach. He traveled the country, searching and attempting all the best food challenges all for our enjoyment, and of course his delicious benefit. Well Michiganders, we have a man of our own that has been DOMINATING food challenges all across the country.

Meet, Nathan Klein, a long-time resident of the state of Michigan, where he still resides who has taken on a new status as he travels all over the country, not just partaking in challenges or competitions, but instead destroying them in the process. Nathan Klein obviously loves to eat, travel, and anything that involves those two together, but what is Nathan's reason to compete in all of these challenges?

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It all started from how most of us would think it would, from Nathan watching Adam Richman tackle food challenges on Man V Food on the Food Network. Well, that was just the inspiration, but it never got him intrigued enough to try for himself. Nathan told me over the phone how Kalamazoo was actually the genesis of his need to dominate food challenges:

I was actually laying in bed when my wife said there was a donut eating contest at Sweetwater's Donut Mill in Kalamazoo, in which I came in second and that just made me want to win.

He would go on to win his next challenge, a burger challenge close to his home, which started his journey of competitive eating.

He enjoyed the Stromboli challenge he completed in 21:30 in Kent City, Michigan. This was his favorite simply for the taste, which he credits himself for choosing the pineapple topping and being a huge pineapple guy. If you're lucky enough you may catch Nathan at his next challenge in Detroit or some other challenge he attempts in the future.

There isn't one loss that bothers him more than others, as he's equally haunted by all of his losses and has even gone back and beaten every challenge he failed at, except for about 3 or 4. He loves challenges that have a variety of foods. Although he enjoys challenges that ask him to finish a burger, side of fries, and a milkshake, his favorite was a singular dish.

Some of the highlight challenges that he completed are The Kitchen Sink Challenge, The Jolly Giant, Sweet 16 Challenge, Viking Challenge, Godzilla Burger, & Homewrecker, just to name a few. Some challenges he narrowly finished in time, while others he completely smashed the time requirement or the previous record. If you'd like to see Nathan take on some of these challenges you can visit his YouTube.

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