A Muskegon family is trying to come to grips with a house fire that caused serious damage to their home on March 15th, 2021. A sister of one of the parents is trying to organize any kind of donations for them. The community has really come together to offer everything from beds, clothes, toys and more as the family recovers. Tim Updyke, a neighbor living across the street, was the first one to notice what was happening and ran across the street and started pounding on the doors:

Just before bed, Alison noticed an orange glow outside. Turns out the neighbors house was on fire! I wrapped the boys in a hoodie and helped carry their daughter across the street. Looked like a window AC unit was the cause but unsure. While waiting for the Fire Department I grabbed a hose and sprayed off the front of the house while another neighbor grabbed a fire extinguisher and moved boats/cars away.

Used with permission Tim Updyke
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Used with permission Tim Updyke

Luckily nobody in the family was hurt, but their pet snakes didn't survive. There has been a Go-Fund-Me set up for the family and once again, the community has really banded together to try and get this family back on their feet. Already, $1,000 has been raised for their goal of $5,000, but the loss of a house is such a terrible thing. Any kind of donations other than money can be made by enquiring to Tianna Waldron. We hope that this family is able to bounce back after such a great loss.

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