A shocking rash of home break ins and car thefts in Comstock and Richland end with arrest in Allegan.

A home owner on Savannah Ave in Comstock tells us she just left her house about a minute before the suspect flew into her driveway, kicked doors in and attempted to steal a car.  The suspect then attempted breaking into 2 more homes on Savannah Ave.  One home owner actually pulled a gun on the suspect but he remained unphased and stole another car to flea.  A total of 5 home invasions took place.

Gull Lake Community schools were on lock down from 1:45 to 2:12 this afternoon because of the fugitive. Dozens of parents were either locked OUT or locked IN with the kids due to the Halloween Parties!

According to WWMT.com,

The suspect was spotted by officers, attempted to flee, then broke into three homes on Savannah and carjacked a vehicle before leaving that immediate area.
A short time later, the sheriff's office said, the suspect invaded a home in Ross Township on 44th Street where he took another vehicle, leaving the previously stolen vehicle in the driveway.
The suspect then invaded a home on East Gull Lake Drive.

The incident ended with the suspect crashing the last stolen car and then police arresting him.

We'll keep you up to date on this incident as more info is made available.



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