A few things you should know if you're planning on moving to Ohio.

So, you're thinking about moving to the Buckeye State?  Well, that's weird, but I'm sure you have a good reason.  If you're serious about making this move there is a handful of towns you should avoid.

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5 Ohio Towns You Should Avoid if Moving to Ohio


Columbus is the home of Ohio State University.  Nobody needs all of that red as far as the eye can see.  Go Michigan.

Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio

New Albany

The cost of living is through the roof. The median home price is $531,700.

Cost of living is very high in New Albany, Ohio


The number of shocking abduction cases out of Cleveland, Ohio is staggering.  The longest and most well-known involves a man named Ariel Castro who held three women captive in his home for over 10 years.  The details of what the three victims experienced are heartbreaking and horrific.

Cleveland, Ohio is the Capital of Abductions


Youngstown can be found in the Northeast corner of Ohio right between Cleveland and Pittsburg.  This is not only the lowest-income city in Ohio but it also has an education problem according to Money Inc,

Only 12 percent of the city's population have a bachelor's degree, while its public schools are woefully underfunded. The poverty rate is an eyebrow-raising 38 percent. The crime rate, while not the worst in the state, is still startlingly high.

Youngstown, Ohio


This is the 2nd most dangerous Ohio town behind Cleveland.  Not to mention, the word Chillicothe has far too many consonants. Somehow with a population of only 22,000 people, it has a violent crime rate that 4 times above Ohio's average according to Property Club.

Chillicothe, Ohio is the second most dangerous city in Ohio.

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Having never grown up in Ohio it's hard to tell if these are accurate, but from the look of them, they seem like the kind of city you want to bring money to. Give us your thoughts.

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