Man uses a motorized cart as a weapon in a fight over a parking spot at the Mayfield Heights Costco.

It's a funny story if you're not the person on the receiving end of the 69-year-old man's rage.  This easily avoidable confrontation took place both inside the store as well as in the parking lot.  Police were called as the incident escalated according to,

A man threatened another man inside Costco May 22 after a dispute over a parking space. He used his motorized cart to crash into the man’s cart and knock it over.

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The unnecessary conflict began as a fight over a parking spot in the parking lot, followed by the weird attack with a motorized cart inside Costco, but did not end there.  The 69-year-old man later went out to the parking lot to key the other man's car.

Mayfield Heights police charged the elderly suspect with criminal damages.  Local law enforcement reports that the suspect agreed to pay for the damages he caused to the other man's vehicle by scratching the paint with a key.

There's no word on if the suspect will become the new spokesperson for those late-night Hoveround power wheelchairs.  Let's turn this lemon into lemonade.  Someone could introduce the elderly guy that used his electric shopping cart as a weapon to the elderly Ohio woman that recently used her cane as a weapon to escape after shoplifting.  I smell love in the air.

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