A horrible year just keeps getting worse. The global pandemic continues to infect and kill people, but also it's wreaking havoc on people's lives and livelihoods, especially in the food service world. The latest news is struggling restaurant company Dine Brands is planning more closures of it's Applebee's and IHOP Restaurant.

While the company did not release specific information as to which locations will be closing, Dine already has been closing under-performing locations of both chains. So far in the third quarter, it has closed 20 Applebee's and 16 IHOP's.

RestaurantBusinessDaily.com reports that IHOP will face the brunt of the next round of closings. figures that could add up to a total of 100 locations. Dine Brands business is down some 30 percent, though the last week of September saw a small rebound, which they say is hopeful. Dine is expected to close approximately 15 Applebee's in the next six months. But, some of this news is a bit confusing as IHOP has opening 16 new locations this year, according to USA Today.

With what appears to be a so-called tightening of dining out rules in Michigan beginning on Monday, this will only put even more pressure on struggling establishments. Patrons will be required to fill out contact information, so the state can contact trace in case of an infection outbreak. How much that will turn off customers is yet to be seen.

The Dine Brands is far from the only parent company that is struggling. USA Today reports that Outback and Cheesecake Factory are having troubling paying down debt, too.

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