Schoolcraft can prepare for the hot summer days because now they have another sweets shop to visit. They can go inside, order a plethora of different sweets options, and sit down and cool down while they enjoy their delicious dessert items. There's nothing like enjoying an ice cream cone, popsicle, or slushee with family or friends on a summer day in Michigan.

Obviously everyone knows you can always stop at Dairy Queen, McDonald's, or even Culvers to get a quick cone, blizzard, or even ice cream sundae to relieve the heat and to quench the need for a taste of something sweet. I mean there are even long time staples around town like Coldstone, Ritter's, and Twister that will serve you the cold sweets as well, and this new place in Schoolcraft will soon be among their ranks.

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Starting today, Wednesday May 4th, at 3pm Monarca's Ice Cream will be opening a storefront in Schoolcraft. Long time supporters or those who were lucky enough to be milling around Emerald Park got a chance to indulge in these munchies when they were just stand under a tent or when they had their food truck. Now those day 1 one supporters and many new customers now have a beautiful building to enjoy their treats in.

They obviously specialize in ice cream and desserts, but also provide Mexican food for their customers as well. They have ice cream sundaes in various flavors from Oreo Lover, Gansito Splits, Banana splits, and even basic sundaes. They even have popsicles ranging in flavors from cucumber lemon, pepino lemon, and even berry mojito.

They have many more dessert and Mexican cuisine options to choose from. Now you don't have to visit them under a tent or in a truck at a park, but instead inside of a building. You can now find Monarca's Ice Cream located at 321 N Grand St in Schoolcraft, Michigan. They'll be open until 8pm tonight for their grand opening as they try and reach the ranks of other great ice cream shops.

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