With Mother's Day fast approaching, you're undoubtedly seeing ads for candles, perfumes, and jewelry all labeled as the "perfect" gift for Mom.

But, what do Moms really want for Mother's Day?

I asked the moms of SW Michigan that very question and the answer is both surprising and not surprising at the same time.

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The post, which you can see here, has over 80 comments with various answers. They range from visits with the kids and grandkids to handmade gifts. But, the most common one was along the lines of:

Take everything off of my plate.

Planning dinners, cleaning, getting the kids ready for school or afterschool activities...moms just want a break. Like these moms who said:

A real day off. Someone else can play taxi, clean, cook, stress... Just for a day. - Shanrila S.

A day of no responsibility. Someone else can cook, clean, and manage the schedules. - Kay J. 

A clean house- cleaned by someone other than myself. I've mentioned it for years. They must think I'm kidding...- Christy S. 

For a single day, I think this is something just about every household can accomplish.

But, are women really responsible for all of the household work? Still?

Yes. Still.

Whether subconsciously or not, women still bear the brunt of the household chores and responsibilities with the children. And this usually comes hand in hand with working a full-time job.

As recently as 2020, a report shows that women are more likely to handle:

  • laundry (58%)
  • meal prep (51%)
  • grocery shopping (45%)
  • washing dishes (42%)
  • daily child care (50%)

That's a LOT of mentally exhausting tasks on one person's plate. And, moms, if you're reading this, you're definitely not alone. Check out this Ted Talk about why some moms feel miserable:

How Can I Help?

If you live in the same house you can, most likely, look around and see things that need to be taken care of.

Don't ask mom/wife to make a list. Just do it, as Nike would say.

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Are there dishes in the sink? Wash them. Are the countertops a little dirty? Grab some paper towels and a cleaning agent and give them a good wipe down. Are the floors covered in animal hair or dust? Snag a broom or vacuum and go to town! Is the fridge empty? Order food or head to the store.

These are really easy, affordable ways to show Mom that you've been listening, that you care about her well-being, and want to do something to help ease her stress.

And, of course, feel free to continue this practice throughout the year. Not just on a single holiday.

Of course, if you already do all of that (great job) you may still be wondering what to get Mom for Mother's Day.

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