Ahead of Mother's Day, the perfect Tiktok account popped up on my page and I just had to feature her for Tiktok Tuesday.

This is Brianna or @_itsbrianna_ on Tiktok. Based on a few tagged locations, Brianna is right here in the Kalamazoo/Battle Creek area. And, According to her account's description, she's a mom to ALOT of kids. How many kids exactly? Well, I'm not really sure.

But, what I do know is that if you're a mom looking for relatable mom content, Brianna has you covered.

I have to start off with the video I saw on my feed that immediately caught my attention and made me laugh hysterically. She decided to do a "dump dinner" for her family. If you've never had a dump dinner just know that there are no plates involved. Instead, the contents of the meal are usually poured onto the table which is usually protected by plastic lining or aluminum foil.

Judging by her husband's reaction, I'm going to guess this dinner style was...a surprise:

He genuinely looks SO confused. And a bit concerned. No wonder that video got over 3 million views.

Aside from surprise dump dinners, Brianna focuses on every aspect of being a mom. Like the joy of experiencing a special day or activity with your child:

And how to be silly with your kids:

Or how about the task that's on every family's plate...cleaning. Ugh:

Through it all, her videos are generally upbeat, positive, and just put a smile on your face.

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While I'm not a mother, I can understand why moms enjoy relatable, validating content, like Brianna's content.

To see more, you can check out all of Brianna's Tiktok videos here.

We're always looking for our next content creator to feature for Tiktok Tuesday. If you know someone in the SW Michigan area who has at least 10,000 followers and is doing something interesting, funny, or relatable on the app, nominate them (or yourself) below:

We could be featuring them (or you) next week for Tiktok Tuesday!

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