I have never heard of a mobile sauna before, even though personally I love hanging out in them when the opportunity presents itself. I honestly haven't been in one in years, but that may change as someone is thinking of possibly opening up a new traveling sauna in Kalamazoo. On the Kzoo subreddit, the potential owner enquired about the possibility of bringing one into the city:

Hi, I hope Kalamazoo is feeling well. First post in reddit. I am considering starting a mobile sauna business. Do you think people in Kalamazoo area would be interested? The sauna is in a trailer which would come to your house or do pop-up events/group sessions at lakes or beaches. It is wood fired, cedar lined with a changing room. I am pretty sure no one else is doing this around here. Would you be interested?

Some people were quick to dismiss the idea, others seemed interested, and there were some who offered words of advice:

That's going to be a slow, uphill battle unless you've got another local business or tons of contacts and potential customers lined up.  Lumber costs are rediculous right now, so you'll have a heck of a time building it and cedar lining it for anything less than a small fortune, and being wood built, travelling over the road is going to require yearly maintenance and upkeep.

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This is actually not the first person in Michigan to have this idea, as there is a guy in the U.P. called The Sauna Dude, who does just this. He actually does rentals by the day, 3 days and even a week, for under $1,000.

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