This cat is lucky to be alive and even luckier to be reunited with its humans.

Oscar Bob is feline fine after a hazardous 500-mile trip from Missouri to Michigan.  The couple that found Oscar Bob went above and beyond to help the cat they found on their property here in West Michigan.  First, they took the adorable kitty to the Humane Society of West Michigan to see if it had been microchipped.  The result was a good news / bad news situation.  The good news: Oscar Bob was in fact microchipped.  The bad news?  The kitty was from Cape Girardeau, a small town in Southeast Missouri.  The cat nabbed itself a ride in a scary way according to the Humane Society of West Michigan,

Somehow, adventurous Oscar Bob had climbed into the engine of their truck and hitchhiked 500 MILES all the way to Michigan!

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After finding out where the cat was from, Sam and Naomi, the couple that found the cat, decided to drive Oscar Bob 500 miles back to his human family in Missouri.  This time, the cat didn't risk any of his 9 lives as he rode inside the truck for this trip.

One of Oscar Bob's human family members, Emily Obergoenner, posted on Facebook earlier this week that after the cat was missing for a week and a half, they assumed the worst.  Since they live out in the country, they were afraid a larger animal had gotten him.  So, you can imagine the surprise when they got a call from Sam and Naomi.  Emily called the couple "saints" for bringing their furry family member all of the way back to its home in Missouri.  In Emily's Facebook post she goes on to say that her daughter has made up for lost time with their cat in the cuddle department.

The moral of the story, microchip your pets.

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