Gilda's Laugh Fest in Grand Rapids is going to attempt a rather strange but determined Guinness World Record during their festival on Saturday, March 7th. The goal this year is to gather at least 1,000 people all of which will have mismatched socks on. There are only a few rules. Socks must come from two different pairs and must be significantly different. Any person wearing socks deemed too similar must be disqualified from the attempt. Also, A single pair of socks cannot be individually altered to make them different (no drawing, sewing or any other additions/or subtractions to or from a sock for differentiation will be permitted).

The festival is set to start at 1:30 p.m. at Studio Park with the actual record attempt happening at 3 p.m. Organizers are asking participants to arrive by 2:45 p.m. Taking part in the attempt is free and will move rather quick. This won't be their first world record attempt, as 10 years ago they threw 925 rubber chickens in the air to kick off their inaugural festival. The president of Gilda's Laugh Fest and Gilda's Club Grand Rapids, Wendy Wigger, told The Oakland Press just how much diversity in laughter this festival stands for: "While we bring a lot of top notch comedians to Grand Rapids, Laugh Fest isn't just a comedy festival. It's a festival of laughter that works hard to celebrate laughter in many forms. At the time, not many world record attempts had been made in West Michigan and we were thrilled when the community helped kick our first festival off with a bang by throwing 925 rubber chickens. This year, we're excited to celebrate our tenth birthday with another world record attempt."

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