When life gives you a $1 Million check, you deposit it.  And then it bounces.

Before we dig into this 'Ohio, Stop It' story.  It's important that we point out that the woman in this story is likely dealing with mental health or medical issues.  We are in no way making fun of her or making light of mental health issues and wish her and her family the best.

On May 27th, a concerned person called the police for a welfare check on a 50-year-old woman who was handing out checks for enormous amounts of money in Mayfield Heights, Ohio.  Other reasons the friend of the "generous" woman was concerned included the fact that she was telling people that she was God and that she owned a gun.  The day after this incident went down a neighbor reported that her million dollar check bounced according to Cleveland.com,

...a neighbor said she had deposited a $1 million check given to her by the woman and it was returned for insufficient funds. She had believed the check was real and was a gift.

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Law enforcement and paramedics took God to the hospital for evaluation and her family took God's gun.  To be honest, it's not the woman handing out the checks that we should focus on today.  What about the person that attempted to deposit one of the million dollar checks?  Seriously, you're going to drain the bank account of a woman that is telling people that she's God?  Yikes.

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