The description is Fab...and Rob. Central Ohio police are looking for a pair of burglars resembling disgraced pop stars Milli Vanilli.

If caught, do you think they will exercise their right to remain silent? A pair of suspects caught on camera exiting an Ohio gym after pillaging the locker room remind police of Fab Morvan and Rob Pilatus- best known as Milli Vanilli. The duo is accused of stealing valuables from the locker room at several gyms across the Central Ohio area and have been on the run for the last month.

Detectives cleverly mashed up a big Milli Vanilli hit "Baby, Don't Forget My Number" with the police department tip line, adding the hashtag #blameitontheburglars (not rain). I think it'd be ironic if the pair were caught and convicted, only to discover that someone else committed the crime.

Come on, you laughed.

Girl, you know it's true.

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