It's no surprise that Michigan, and everyone else for that matter loves to swear. We were all told as kids we would get our mouth washed out with soap, by those who constantly used this forbidden words. Where's the logic in that? Well, it taught me a good lesson. Now living with a kid and getting to talk to a community as part of my job everyday, it's stunted my personal usage of cursing.

Now, I'm all about it. Cursing, used in the right way, can make funny things even funnier, or put more emphasis on something. 4 out of the 5 swear words we use most in Michigan, I'm all about. One of them, which is used as a hate word towards the homosexual community, I don't support.

Regardless, we all love swearing. Professor Jack Grieve of Aston University in England, who studies in Forensic Linguistics, tweeted out maps of the U.S. showing which swear words are most popular in each state, as shown here from Metro Times. In order to make the maps, Diansheng Guo at University of South Carolina collected nearly a billion tweets from Oct. 2013 to Nov. 2014, which totaled about 9 billion words. Using geo-tagged data, they analyzed which words were used the most. Michigan's Top 5 are:

  • C**T
  • F**K
  • B**CH
  • F****T
  • A****LE

Also, here in Kalamazoo, we like the word B****RD too. I'm sure you can tell what each word is, but if not, they have the uncensored words on MT's website.

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