As fall and Halloween come creeping slower, the spooky season vibes are ramping up. The Halloween movies are starting to come on TV, the new ones are coming out in theaters, the candy is filling the shelves, and the commercials are all over the airwaves. Everyone knows what time of the year is coming and as some are gathering candy, making plans with friends, and picking out costumes over the next few weeks, others have different plans.

As mentioned before this is the spooky season of the year and some interesting things happen during this time. Some choose to go to cemeteries and other places known to be demented to see if they can talk to spirits or the dead, while others like to pretend that's what's going on. As the years have gone on, haunting experiences have continued to gain popularity, and are popping up all over the country, especially here in Michigan.

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What And Where Is Nightmare Realm?

There is a new haunting experience making its debut during this year's spooky season. Nightmare Realm, whose office is located in Mattawan at 23492 Red Arrow HWY, which is right down the road from their facility. I find it really cool that the location is a secret, so much to the point that you are to park at Paw Paw High School, located at 30609 Red Arrow Hwy, and then bussed to the haunted facility.

Now, this seems very weird and inconvenient for most, right? Well, another cool thing is, that the experience starts in the parking lot where there are already crude beings roaming around, then you are met face to face by a creature your entire bus ride over to the facility, and then you are fed to the wolves. You'll be led to the Heart of Cypress Hollows, where the real terror begins. The Nightmare Realm Haunting Experience is both an indoor and outdoor experience that is only closed during severe weather warnings and conditions.

When And How Much?

They are opening the portal to the public starting October 1st and are open every Friday and Saturday until November 5th, but they are also open on October 30th and 31st for Halloween. The Nightmare realm starts at varying times between 7:30 and run until 11 pm, there is a wait so prepare to stand in line for a while, unless you choose to purchase VIP Tickets.

Tickets are sold in two types this year, the first being general admission and the other being VIP. General Admission tickets are just $25 and come with a lengthy wait in line most likely, but all tickets are timed, dated, and limited. They do accept walk-up purchases but you are restricted to availability and there may be none available. The VIP Tickets are $40 and come with some type of free food, discounted/free merchandise, a collectible lanyard, and you get to skip the wait both for the bus and the experience.

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