If you are a Red Wings fan, you will remember the name Terry Sawchuck, if you don't, you will soon!If you are not familiar with the name Terry Sawchuck, you will be soon. There is a new movie coming out about the professional hockey player that served 21 years in the NHL as a goalie for Detroit Red WingsBoston BruinsToronto Maple LeafsLos Angeles Kings and the New York Rangers.

This Canadian was signed by the Detroit Red Wings in 1947 and was considered was of the best goaltenders of his time. Even with an amazing career his life was filled with turmoil and pain. According to Wikipedia.com...

Years of crouching in the net caused Sawchuk to walk with a permanent stoop and resulted in lordosis (swayback), which prevented him from sleeping for more than two hours at a time. He also received approximately 400 stitches to his face (including three in his right eyeball) before finally adopting a protective facemask in 1962

In fact for a particular magazine photo shot, the make up artist had a hard time covering all of his scars. Terry was Terry's story is one of triumph and loss, these movie will hopefully tell an interesting story.  The Detroit Free Press reported that

He (Terry)  butted heads with Wings general manager Jack Adams, played by Kevin Pollak in the film, which documents the All-Star's battles with weight, depression, alcoholism and countless injuries.

I won't ruin the end of the story about this great hockey player for you but to this day you can see Terry's jersey hanging at 'Little Caesars Arena'.

Can't wait to see this flick on the big screen!

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