Just when you thought Micah couldn't get better he serves a dish showing off his Michigan roots

On the last episode of Masterchef 10 Micah (from Grand Rapids) knocked it out of the ball park with the task of making sausages. When talking about his dish, Micah described it as "Highlighting his roots in Michigan". The dish that he was describing was elk and wild boar sausage with carrot and celery root puree with roasted mushrooms and carrots.

Before the judges tasted the dish and as Micah was smoking the sausage, he was giving himself powerful and  supportive thoughts like  "I can excel", and excel he did. When the judges tasted his dish, these were just some of their comments...

  • "Very, very good"
  • "Delirious dish"
  • "Sophisticated"

After last nights challenge, Micah is in the top 8 of Masterchef 10. The excitement is building and I can not wait to see what he does!

Masterchef Lesson

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