Yachecia Holston made Michigan proud!

Fox's MasterChef's Semi-Finals showed off Yachecia's best, and her worst.

In the first "Mystery Box" challenge, Yachecia placed in the top 3 with her innovative 'Grape Gazpacho' that came to her in a dream, but the taste of victory did not last long.

In the second challenge of the night, Yachecia made a creation with Salmon that she again dreamed...but according to Gordon Ramsey, it was a nightmare. Yachecia was asked to take off her apron and leave the show.

The Detroit Minister made Michigan proud! Through the entire competition she was positive, upbeat, kind to other players, and creative.

Yachecia Holston may have left Masterchef, but I think we will be hearing from this lady again!

Congrats Yachecia!


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