With engines revving Micah Yoroch brought the win home!

There might not be anything better then rooting for a hometown boy to win Masterchef 10. Micah is young, but what is lacks in age compared to the other contestants, he beats them in knowledge. This week Micah was unbelievable!

Celebrity Laundry explained the last challenge on Masterchef 10 as...

"The judges come racing to the home cooks in speedy race cars before introducing NASCAR driver Bobby Labonte. Told to break into two teams, the contestants are given 75 minutes to cook for 101 race car crew members.”

19 year old Micah stepped up to the plate and took charge of the blue team. They brought home the win with a chicken dish that looked incredible! Micah is now safe for the next challenge and seems to be gaining confidence and strength with every challenge put ion front of him.

Lets hope this home town boy will take out all the other contestants and become the next Masterchef!


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