It's hard to say god-bye to this kid

Masterchef season 10 episode 21 was a heart breaking event for Grand Rapids native Micah. The theme of the show was "Comfort & Support" and family members of the final 7 showed up to root their loved ones on...accept  Micah's Mom and Dad.  reported the sad moment for Micah..

Unfortunately, Micah’s family did not show up tonight due to them not supporting his dream in becoming a chef… tonight’s challenge is to make the judges a dish of a favorite family dish with three chefs receiving immunity tonight. Even though Micah mother wasn’t there to show support Gordon gives him some inspirational words as his dish was inspired by his mom.

Gordon Ramsey told Micah that even though Micah's family did not show up (for the second time)..."You are with your Masterchef family".

Micah landed in the bottom 4 of the "Comfort and Support" which meant another challenge was looming in the near future. The pressure was really felt when the bottom 4 must prepare a dish recreated from chef Gordon, a potato crusted sea bass and clam.

When the moment of truth happened, it was a disappointing tasting. Micah's fish was not cooked, the good part of the dish was that his minestrone and vegetables were delicious. Yet, that was not enough to save him and he had to leave the Masterchef kitchen.

In the end Gordon Ramsey bid Micah ado, but also made him an amazing offer. Gordon said...

"You are a very talented cook. Set up a meeting and I will guide you where you want to go."

Who could refuse that offer?! I have a feeling that we will be seeing and hearing from Micah again soon.

Here is a taste of happened on Micah's last challenge...


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