Once again, it was so cool to watch a Michigander shine

Last night on Masterchef 10, it should have been called 'Masterchef Michigan'! Hometown chef Micah was blown away when one of his idols Grant  Achatz (from St. Clair, Michigan) appeared as a guest judge on the show.

Grant Achatz grew up working in his parents restaurant in St. Clair Michigan and in known around the world for his amazing  molecular gastronomy (or progressive cuisine). With his sour apples balloons (no joke) he took the stage on Masterchef and challenged contestants to think outside the box when putting their food on a plate.

Miicah certainly did not disappoint! Celebdirtylaundry.com wrote about the creation that Micah had in front of one of his idols...

Micah went first and he created a Bete Noire Cake with Espresso Ganache, Caramel, and Vanilla bean Crème Fraiche. It had looked beautiful on the plate and it tasted great. It was also good of him to add that sea salt because that sold it to Chef Achatz.

Not only did Micah's dish look innovative, but delicious! As contestants falter, Micah continues to shine. Fingers crossed he is around till the final!


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