That viral video of a girl setting fire to an SUV only to have it blow up in her face is from Michigan.

I first saw this video on TikTok a couple days ago as many people shared it or made parodies of it.  It wasn't until after 50 Cent shared a parody of the video yesterday using a movie clip starring Ice Cube on TikTok that I did some research and found out this was local. Warning: curse words in video below.

@50cent😆I bet that’s how it really went too. LOL ##bransoncognac ##lecheminduroi♬ original sound - 50cent

The 26-year-old woman in the video was arrested Friday and charged with arson.  Last Wednesday Sydney Parham allegedly set the 3 month old jeep on fire by breaking out a window and pouring what appears to be gasoline inside, then lighting it.  The suspect clearly doesn't understand how fire works as the blast blew her back into another car and then the ground.  The Jeep was completely totaled and the two cars next to it were melted as well.

The owner of the jeep says that he knows the suspect but is not dating her.  He also said that he has no idea why she set his new car on fire.

The original video that you can see below has over 1.4 million views.  The video has been copies and shared all over youtube, facebook and TikTok and likely has millions of views worldwide.

Click on Detroit shows what the jeep looked like after the fire and spoke to the owner in the video below.

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