What the duck just happened in Frankenmuth, Michigan? (UPDATE) The duck didn't make it. 

A TikToker who goes by @gresties_gvf on the popular social media app usually posts nothing but Greta Van Fleet content.  Yesterday, something very different happened and the result was a massive viral video.  In less than 24 hours Gresties had a video pull in nearly 2 million views with 300 thousand likes and over 3,000 comments.  This is a simple 15-second video showing an out-of-control, giant inflatable duck being blown across the street during an intense storm.

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One minute this duck was probably just chillin' watching Lord of the Wings.  Next thing you know he's flying to another country without the proper duck-umentation.  As you can see in the comments of this video, many people really quacked up at the site of this duck floating all willy-nilly around town.  However, that wind nearly blew that big bird to South Duckota.  If only the owner of this giant inflatable fowl had been held in place with Duck tape, this could have been avoided.  Any property damage is likely going on his bill.


There's no word on if the duck is safe today.  I hope first responders got up at the quack of dawn this morning to locate this poor bird before it hits a car and quacks the windshield.  The duck is yet to comment on the story, which is probably best.  I hear he uses fowl language.

Soon after this article was posted an inside source named Heather gave us an update,

Hello, I saw your post about the giant inflatable duck.  I wanted to let you know that it is Thrifty Treasures Antiques And More Duck. It also unfortunately did not make it through the storm.

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