A 20-year-old Michigan man has been arrested following a series of strange, threatening tweets to the FBI.

The original tweet has been deleted but surprisingly, the suspect's twitter account, which has only 28 followers, is still live.  The original tweet, littered with spelling and grammatical errors said,

@FBI uk what I'm done joking this is a serious threat I have 10 bombs ready to go off rn in my basement with 5 guns that are illegal own come get me you guys have til 8 before I make this city in my own little hell #forwako 😂

That threat was made Sunday, May 10th at 4:31 P.M.  The suspect, 20-year-old Joseph Todd Kowalczyk of Clinton Township was arrest 2 days later.  He was charged with transmitting a threat to injure.

After his original threat, Kowalczyk then taunted the FBI for not showing up at his house in a timely manner.  Then tries to back track calling it a "test" to see if the FBI or police would show up.  The suspect went has far as trying to start an "FBI Challenge."  You can see some of the tweets below.  The last tweet below shows a screenshot of when he realized the FBI hacked his twitter.

No bombs or weapons were found in the suspect's home.  However, the FBI still takes threats like this very serious according to the Detroit News.

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