Ah, winter in Michigan. You can love it, you can hate it, but...can you describe it in 5 words or less?

This was a question that was posed on Michigan's Reddit page by u/blochow2001. Their answer was, "Fifty shades of Gray," which is accurate and hilarious. The answers from fellow Michiganders, which you can see here, were equally hilarious.

So, we posed the question to our own audience here in SW Michigan, and here's what they came up with (with a few Reddit answers thrown in):

Michigan Winters Described in 5 Words or Less

On both Facebook and Reddit, Michiganders have taken on the challenge of describing the winter season in five words or less

No doubt this winter has been an odd one. And, maybe a slightly depressing one. Thank you to our audience (and all of the Michiganders on Reddit) for giving us a bit of a laugh today. You can see even more answers on our Facebook page.

One neat thing about Michigan's winter...apparently the UP is used to test new cars on winter roads. Check out some of these newer cars below:

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