Creeper Michael Estes of Gaylord, will be serving time for his passion of peeping and showing...

If you have spent time in Gaylord, Michigan you may have had a creepy feeling that someone was watching you might have been right! According to Mlive there was a man watching over a dozen through their windows while hosting a party of one.

It seems like a plot out of 'Criminal Minds' , but what took place  up north is real. Michael Estesone of Gaylord, Michigan was arrested and convicted "on one count indecent exposure by a sexually delinquent person after “window peeping” in Michaywé earlier this year and last year."

Reports about this guy getting his freak on date back to July 2018 and police have been searching for this 'habitual offender' since. Once in custody, Michael Estesone stated "he had pleasured himself in front of 14 homes during the nighttime hours".

Now he will have plenty of time alone, and not much of a view. Michael Estesone was sentenced in the 46th Circuit Court in Otsego County to 22 1⁄2 to 30 years in prison.

I just wonder if he was ever worried he would get poison ivy?!



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