Michigan man goes viral on TikTok as he confuses a nasty possum for a cute and cuddly Koala Bear.

An 18-year-old man from somewhere in Michigan that goes by @heismanken1 on TikTok posted a video of his wild animal discovery.  He seemed to celebrate the fact that he found a Koala Bear in Michigan.  It's clearly not a Koala.  Warning, the video below does have a swear word.

This video that he uploaded on October 16th of this year so far has 5.9 million views, 1.5 million likes and 13.2 thousand comments.  That doesn't count the views this video has received on youtube and twitter.

Does he really think that the possum is a Koala Bear?  I'm not koala-fied to make that judgement.  But, he did type, "i wasn’t sober when I made this 😭" in the video's description.  Which is many of his videos.  Wait...I thought he was 18?

Hey dude, you might wanna play possum about your intoxication on TikTok if you're underage.  Law enforcement may bear down on you.


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