Toilet paper company tries to capitalize on Michigan Wolverine Jake Butt.  

The irony is lost on no one that the Jake Butt plays the Tight End position for the University of Michigan.  Hoping to get some free publicity out of the name, Charmin sent him toilet paper.  Their attempt at branding stinks.

Jake has no problem putting the butt jokes behind him.  In fact, he believes his butt pushes him forward.  He told ESPN,

"I love it so much. I think that's one of my greatest traits. It has really allowed me to grow my platform and build my brand."

Butt was THE Tight End to grab in this year's NFL Draft.  However, due to tearing his ACL in the Orange Bowl he dropped to the fifth round.  Don't poo poo Butt's career just yet.  He was selected as the 1st pick in the fifth round by the Denver Broncos.

Not to mention he's collecting $2 Million dollars on a "loss of value" policy according to ESPN.

Butt had taken a $2 million loss-of-value policy that he started collecting insurance on when he wasn't picked in the top half of the third round Friday night.

I guess you could say Jake Butt is not getting all knee hurt over his fifth round selection.


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