A Macomb, Michigan High School teacher busted for using Homecoming dance money for penny slots.

29 year-old Spanish teacher Lydia Johnson could spend up to 10 years on prison according to Macombdaily.com,

Johnson, 29, served as Dakota’s student activity coordinator from July 1, 2016, until her recent suspension and was responsible for all funds, both incoming and outgoing, related to student events.

Authorities allege Johnson oversaw ticket sales for Dakota’s 2016 homecoming dance, which, based on attendance, should have brought in almost $30,000. Johnson deposited only $11,000 into the school’s homecoming account, and a search of her classroom revealed several homecoming cash deposit envelopes that were torn open but empty, officials said.

In addition to nabbing $17,000 from the homecoming account, Johnson allegedly gambled away $12,500 from the parent-student trip account.  Reports say she gambled all of that money away on penny slots.  Yes...penny slots.

In fact clickondetroit reports to an even larger finding,

Investigators searched Johnson’s classroom, where they allegedly uncovered receipts from the MGM Casino in Detroit alongside the open and empty homecoming envelopes. They later learned that Johnson spent more than $90,000 playing slots at the casino in 2016

She clearly has a problem and I hope she gets help for it.  It does look like she'll quit gambling cold turkey in jail.  No word on how the school can or will be able to recoup any of the money.



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