Oh, summer in Michigan. The weather is warm (sometimes too warm), the lakes are full of visitors, and, overall, people just seem to be in a better mood.

But, can you really put the magic of Michigan's summer into words? Apparently, on Twitter, you absolutely can. I recently came across a tweet from our very own Governor Gretchen Whitmer that reads,

Michigan's summer in four words. I'll start.

Her post set off a string of replies with people participating in the trend. As it goes on social media, there were quite a few salty responses (no pun intended) but, overall, people understood the assignment.

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Here's Michigan summer described in four words or less from actual Michiganders:

Here's Michigan's Summer Described in 4 Words or Less by Actual Michiganders

Thanks to a tweet from Governor Gretchen Whitmer, a number of Michiganders decided to participate in the trend of describing Michigan's summer in a few short words.

You can read all of the replies to the original Tweet here.

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