We are here to settle this argument once and for all.  Slow drivers in the left lane are more than annoying, they're breaking the law.

Michigan State Troopers will pull slow left lane drivers over through the end of April.  Driving slow in the left lane causes more problems than you may think according to WoodTV 8,

“The biggest problem we see is it turns into road rage,” said 1st Lt. Chris McIntire, who commands MSP’s Rockford Post. “Someone gets so mad that this person won’t get out of their way that they overtake them on the right and cause an accident, or ride them on their bumper and causes the person in front to get mad and just causes a whole bunch of problems for us.”

The left lane on freeways such as US 131 and I94 is a passing lane only.  You can be ticketed for driving in the left.


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